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A dental implant is a metal post with thread that is inserted into the jaw bone to allow the attachment of a new prosthetic tooth at the top on the post.

There are a variety of dental tooth implants that may be done in replacing single, mulitple, full arch or full mouth missing gaps. Dental teeth implants may be used with crowns, bridges and dentures in replacing missing gaps in teeth.

Dental Implant with Crown for single or mulitple missing gaps

Dental Implant with Bridge for several missing gaps

Dental Implant with Overdentures for Full Jaw

Dental Implant with Fixed Bridge for Full Jaw

Dental Implants Types of dental implants process includes

Conventional Dental Implants

Conventional implant processes is an established dental implant process with very high success rates and good historical case studies. Individuals with varying bone quality and bone conditions are able to have conventional dental implants treatments. With the conventional implants process, an osseointegration period of healing time is left after implant post placement before the prosthetics on implants is done.

One Day Implants and Same Day Implants

Same day implants, one day implants or immediate implants applies to cases whereby there are existing teeth in jaw. One day implants refers to cases whereby existing tooth is extracted and the implant post placed on during the same surgical visit. Good bone and case condition is required for one day implants.

Immediate Loaded Implants or Immediate Function implants

Immediate loaded implants or immediate function implants is the case whereby the prosthetics or false teeth are placed onto the dental implant posts after implant post placement. Good bone and case condition is required for conventioanl immediate loaded implants.

All-on-4 and All-on-6

The All-on-4 dental implant treatment is a process here posterior implants are titled in maximize the use of available bone on anterior jaw. The All-on-4 implant option is an graftless solution for cases with posterior bone resorption. The All-on-4 concept is an uses an immediate function concept whereby a new set of teeth are loaded onto the implant posts shortly after implant post placement similar to having immeidate loaded implants for a full arch implant case.