General Dentistry at Smile signature siam square

General dentistry include services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health. At Smile signature siam square, dental treatments under general dentistry includes:

Checkup and X-rays

Smile signature siam square utilizes an advance panoramic and celphlometric x-ray machine by Gendex for accurate treatment planning and diagnoses. Bi-annual dental examinations are normally recommended to be done with your local dentist to prevent, uncover or treat any oral problems as early as possible.

Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing

Oral prophylaxis is done to remove bacterial plaque, food debris, stains, and calculus from the crowns and roots with a scaling instrument. Oral prophylaxis is commonly known as professional teeth cleaning.

Scaling removes the hardened plaqued known as tartar or calculus that can cause gum disease and bone loss as well as removing stains. Polishing removes soft plaques and more stains from teeth.

Composite Resin Fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair damage to tooth structure caused by tooth decay, wear or trauma. After the removal of a problematic tooth structure, the tooth is restored with one of filling materials such as gold, amalgam or composite resin (white fillings).

Smile signature siam square is an amalgam-free dental clinic. Our clinic uses tooth-colored restorations relative to amalgam typed fillings due to the ongoing controversial topic of mercury content contained in amalgam fillings. At Smile signature siam square, we believe in protecting the safety and interests of our patients.