Smile signature at siam square views sterilization at its uptmost importances with various policies, controls, standards and equipment aimed for patient safety.

Sterilization policies and controls

We regard hygienic standards at the highest level at Smile signature at siam square. Our clinic provides a safe, clean and disinfected environment to all and each of our patients.

Checks are done to ensure that all rooms and equipment are properly set up and sterilized daily and after each use. Water used for patient treatment are ozone filtered.

Patient Safety

To protect our patients and ourselves, our staff wear masks, gloves, glasses. All instruments are cleaned and routinely sterilized. Whenever possible, disposable instruments are used to ensure safety.All surfaces are disinfected after each patient.

Sterilization Equipments

All our equipments and instruments are maintained and sterilised according to international standards using CE certified sterilisation machines. Our clinical handpieces and dental units are selected not only for their technological advancements but also for their specific design focus on sterilization approaches.

Our dental appliances and instruments are individually packed and sealed by an autosealer machine and autoclaved by a pre-vacuumed autoclave machine for each individual patient. Every individual pack is dated for high focus on sterilisation standards.

Smile signature at siam square carries a variety of the advance sterilization machines and equipments including :

  • Pre-vaccummed autoclave unit for instruments
  • Specailized autoclave unit for clinical handpieces
  • Maintenance unit
  • Suction units
  • Autosealing machine and sterile storage
  • Clinical handpiece with infection control system